About Us is a young startup with a passion for creating (what we hope will become) a thriving internet TV community. We are currently in public beta, and we plan to release many new and exciting site features in the near future. Our goal is to provide users with a highly interactive and engaging TV finding and viewing experience. We believe that the emerging worldwide interest in online TV and web 2.0 communities, coupled with the changing nature of traditional TV viewing habits, requires fresh ideas.

We aspire to be confident, honest, surprising and friendly. These four simple but dynamic values will help us to develop strong relationships with our customers.

We hope to be part of an industry solution that respects content creators while providing a fun, interactive online platform for users to experience TV content.

We are a small company, currently funded by individual investors.

Our mission

To be the first-choice provider in the India for entertainment solutions, making customers lives easier and more enjoyable.

We realize that we have to work hard to achieve this ambition and that we will need to earn it. We are pleased to say, that we are well on our way and eager to meet the challenge through dedication, innovation and an uncompromising customer focus. We are confident we will deliver an outstanding customer experience to each of you, starting from now. We are guided by our 4 brand values:

  • Friendly– we exhibit warm professionalism in everything we do.
  • Honest– we deliver what we promise.
  • Confident – we take pride in what we deliver to the market.
  • Surprising – we are always looking for opportunities to exceed our customer expectations.