Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions set out the way in which Telugulive provide Services to you and particular issues we need to highlight to you. By signing an application form for Telugulive Services or accepting these Terms and Conditions as part of an online, you make an Agreement with us that these Terms and Conditions will govern our relationship. All specific terms used in these Terms and Conditions refer to information shown on your application form or in the Service Brochures relating to the Services you have ordered.

General Terms and Conditions for Consumer Services

1. Services supplied and making changes

a. Telugulive will supply you with the Services ordered by you as shown on your application form. For the details of what your Services include, you should refer to the Service Brochure and user guide for those Services.

b. Charges will apply for use of the Services from the date they are provided to you.

c. If you want to add or cancel Services you should contact Telugulive through one of the channels set out in the user guide.

d. Telugulive may make changes to its Services (including withdrawal of a Service), or to its prices and Terms and Conditions, at any time. Telugulive will give you 7 days notice of any alteration to its prices (unless the change is a reduction in prices for the Services or a TV package price increase instigated by the TV channel, in which case less notice may be given) and 5 days notice of any non-price related changes which will affect you. Your continued use of the Services after such notice will automatically show your acceptance of such changes. If you do not accept a change, you must contact us within the three days to cancel that Service.

e. We will treat you as having received notices from us regarding this Agreement if we contact the latest postal address you have given us, or email you on the email address connected with the Services. We will also post all changes to our pricing and Terms and Conditions on our website.

2. Quality of Service

a. Telugulive aims to offer high-quality Services to its customers and, if any quality of Service issues arises, will take all reasonable steps to minimize interruptions to, interference with or reduced quality of the Services.

b. However, Telugulive cannot guarantee that the Services will be available in all areas at all times, or will be free of interruptions or interference, and the quality of Service available may also sometimes be affected by factors outside our control.

c. Telugulive may from time to time briefly disconnect a Service if the network breaks down or needs maintenance. We will try to make sure this does not happen often.

3. Paying for the Services

a. You agree to pay the charges for all Services that you order, together with any one off charges that may be applicable to your account, at the prices set out in our Tariff Guide (the most recent version of which is available on the Telugulive website at www. current when you use the Services.

b. You are responsible for paying the charges applicable for all use made of the connections provided on your account.

c. If your Service receives a bill, we will send your bill, to the billing address (Email) you have given us. You are responsible for settling your account on a monthly basis/yearly basis receive your bill you can access your bill online at www.

d. There are several payment methods available to you; these are set out in the user guide for each Service, on your bill if you are a Monthly Plan/Yearly plan customer, and on our website. We will follow the instructions you given you can debit amounts from your bank account, debit card or credit card as shown. Additional charges may be payable by you when making payment if necessary as service taxes.

e. If we reasonably suspect abuse of a payment method in respect of any account we reserve the right to withdraw the availability of a payment method in respect of that account.

f. Wherever possible, charges for your Services will appear on your next bill, but sometimes there may be a time delay before certain charges appear. Any delayed charges will still be payable by you when added to your account.

g. If you use more than one of our Services, any payment you make may be applied by us towards any outstanding amount for any Service, in such order as we decide is appropriate. If you have more than one account with us, we may

h. Transfer any credit on one account to settle outstanding amounts overdue under another account.

i. If you do not pay all of the charges due by the due date shown on a bill, we may at our choice suspend any or all of the Services in respect of the whole account or any specific User, convert your account in respect of some or all of your Services from a Monthly Plan/yearly Plan account to a Pay as you Go account, or end this Agreement.

j. If you do not pay all of the charges due by the due date shown on a bill, we may charge a late payment fee.

k. If you do not pay all of the charges due by the due date shown on a bill, we may debt from your Credit card directly that you give details for us on register time.

4. Deposits and credit assessments

a. When you order a Service we will tell you if you need to pay us a refundable deposit for that Service.

b. We will carry out a credit assessment based on the information you give us on your application form. This will be used to set any credit limits applicable to your account.

c. Should you wish to change your credit limit you should contact Customer Care in accordance with the user guide. Credit limits are set according to the credit assessment at the time. You may be able to increase your credit limit by paying a refundable deposit.

d. Once you have reached your credit limit in any month, we may suspend your account until you make a payment to bring your balance below your credit limit.

e. The amount you owe to Telugulive for the Services is not, however, capped or limited by whatever credit limit we set; you are responsible for all charges you incur, and should not use the credit limit for budgeting purposes.

f. Telugulive will only use any deposit we hold, against payment of your account or any other account you have with us, if you have failed to pay an amount which is due to us and we have suspended the account, or if you have failed to return equipment which we have made available to you in connection with a Service, once that Service has been cancelled or suspended.

5. Things you agree to do

You agree that you will (and will make sure all other Users you have specifically registered under your account (‘Users’) will):

a. Pay all charges for the Services that you order and/or use.

b. Follow our instructions in respect of each Service.

d. Look after any equipment we make available to you as part of a Service, and, if you do not, that you will pay for the repair or replacement of such equipment

d. Return any equipment we make available to you as part of a Service when you end the Service.

e. Use the Services responsibly, and in compliance with the laws, and in particular that you will not use the Services to make offensive, indecent, menacing, nuisance, and that you will not use the Services in any way to send unsolicited spam or junk mail, commit fraud or any other criminal offence.

f. Not resell the Service

g. Not use the Services in any way which breaches the intellectual property rights of any third party

h. Indemnify Telugulive against any loss or damage Telugulive suffers as a result of your failure.

i. Supply further documentation and information that we may request in order to comply with our legal and regulatory obligations

j. Not connect any equipment not expressly approved by Telugulive to the Telugulive Network.

6. Circumstances where Telugulive can suspend or terminate Service

Telugulive can suspend or terminate one or more of your Services at any time without notice in the event that:

a. We suspect that you are failing to comply with this Agreement in any way (we will reinstate the Service as soon as we are satisfied that this is not the case)

b. We suspect that unusual or fraudulent activity is occurring on the account (we will reinstate the Service/account as soon as we are satisfied that this is not the case)

c. You fail to pay charges due as set out in Clause

d. We are required to do so by any government, regulatory organization, emergency Service, or other competent authority, or

e. You become bankrupt or enter into an arrangement with your creditors (or equivalent legal procedure in any other relevant jurisdiction), or we believe it is likely that you will do so shortly.

f. Where we suspend a Service under one of the provisions in this Clause, you remain liable for all monthly/yearly charges applicable during that period of suspension.

7. Transferring this Agreement or adding other Users to the account

a. Under this Agreement, Telugulive agrees to provide the Services only to you and Users. You may not transfer this Agreement or an account without Telugulive’s prior Agreement.

b. If you add Users to the account, you remain responsible for all aspects of the account, including payment for the Services taken by all Users, and ensuring that all Users use the Services in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.

c. You agree that Telugulive may assign this Agreement to a third party, for business reasons. If Telugulive does this we will notify you of the change in Service provider.

8. Privacy, account details and passwords

a. We may monitor your use of the Services and records, for financial control, quality control and regulatory purposes.

b. Please see Telugulive’s Privacy Policy at www. for details of how Telugulive looks after your confidential information.

c. You undertake that all information you give to us is correct and complete, and you must notify us if your account details, such as your postal address, change.

d. Your account details may be used to verify identity for access to various Services; keep them safe.

e. Your passwords are confidential to you alone; keep them secret. We will not be responsible for any loss you suffer as a result of not keeping your passwords secret.

f. We will only allow access to your account (including making changes to the account) to you as account holder, using your password.

g. We reserve the right to share your personal account information, for credit checking, security, fraud prevention, identity verification purposes.

h. Where you have given us permission, we will share your personal account information with other companies outside Telugulive who are our business partners.

9. Ending a Service or this Agreement

a. If you want to end a Service you should contact Telugulive Customer Care in accordance with the user guide. However, all Services must be taken for at least the minimum contract term specified on the application form or as specified in the Product specific Terms and Conditions.

b. If you terminate any Service before the end of your minimum contract term for that Service you will be required to pay for that Service until the end of the minimum contract term and we will not refund any charges paid in advance for the minimum contract term. Furthermore, we may bill you our reasonable costs if we have to remove any equipment from your premises.

c. If you end all Services you have ordered from us, then this Agreement will end automatically, and we may close your account. Upon closure of your account all outstanding charges payable by you will become immediately payable.

d. We can end this Agreement or any Service at any time by giving you 30 day’s notice.

e. When this Agreement ends, it is up to you to cancel any payment arrangements which have been set up with third parties, such as your bank.

10. Legal liability

a. We will not be liable (whether for breach of contract, negligence or any other liability arising under or in relation to the Agreement) for any actions by us or anyone who works for us, except to the extent that such liability cannot be excluded under the law.

b. We shall not be liable to you or any Users for any loss of business, revenue, profits or anticipated savings, data being lost or corrupted, or any indirect or consequential loss suffered by the you or Users.

c. We shall not be liable to you or Users (a) for the temporary non-availability of our network.

d. For loss, late receipt or non-readability of any message or communication, for any defects, malfunctions or delays in any way connected with the provision of content, or

e. In respect of any products or Services you order from third parties using your Telugulive Services.

f. If we cannot provide a Service for a reason which is outside our control, then we cannot accept any responsibility for such lack of Service.

11. If you want to make a complaint/disputes

a. If you have a complaint about the Services you should contact Telugulive Customer Care in accordance with the user guide. We will try and resolve any complaints quickly and amicably.

b. This Agreement is governed by the laws and any disputes shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts.

c. If either of us fails to exercise a right we may have under this Agreement that does not prevent that party from taking further action.

12. Content Services

a. Under no circumstances is Telugulive responsible for material contained in content that is made available through the Services or for information that is accessible through the Services. Telugulive does not endorse the content, views, messages or information found in any Service. You are solely responsible for determining the suitability of all accessed content.

b. Telugulive Shall not be liable to you for any technical problems arising from or connected to access to or use of content or for partial, delayed or non-transmission of content.

c. Telugulive may establish size limits for transmission of emails and individual storage capacity for content on its Network.

d. Any downloaded or saved content is downloaded or saved by you at your risk and Telugulive accepts no responsibility for its corruption or loss, or for any damage to your equipment. If we store content for you, we reserve the right to remove such content for legal or regulatory reasons.

e. We may at our discretion deny access to, remove or modify any content that may be defamatory, offensive, indecent, objectionable or illegal or may have infringed any third party’s intellectual property rights, without notice to you.

13. Access to premises

You must allow us prompt and safe access to premises occupied or controlled by you, following our reasonable request, in order to carry out installations, inspections, repairs or testing of any Telugulive channels used in the provision of the Services, and to inspect and check that your use of the Services complies with the terms of this Agreement.